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Christopher Menge


Chris W. Menge, Senior Vice President

Chris Menge has extensive experience with highway noise prediction and barrier design, outdoor entertainment sources such as race tracks, theme parks and amphitheaters, and ground-based noise sources such as wind turbines and sources at airports and national parks. Mr. Menge was a key developer of the Federal Highway Administration’s two most recent highway noise prediction computer models.

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Christopher Bajdek

Christopher J. Bajdek, Principal Consultant

Chris Bajdek has over 27 years of experience as a consultant in noise assessment and control, managing numerous noise studies for transportation, energy-generation, industrial, and community projects. His responsibilities encompass a wide variety of issues from baseline noise measurement programs and environmental documents through noise abatement design studies, compliance testing, and public involvement.

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Justin W. Cook, INCE, LEED GA, Principal Consultant

Justin Cook has over 17 years of experience in environmental consulting, and possesses strong qualifications in environmental noise, vibration, and air quality modeling and analysis, measurements and report preparation. Mr. Cook has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and has a proven track record of project management, completing projects on time and on budget.

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David A. Crandall

David A. Crandall, Principal Consultant
With more than 15 years of experience, Dave Crandall has participated in a variety of aircraft noise related projects including environmental assessments/environmental impact statements (EA/EIS), 14 CFR Part 150 studies, and airport noise monitoring system analysis. He manages major elements of complex projects including aircraft noise modeling, radar data analyses, and airline fleet analyses. He recently served as Technical Lead for the Environmental Assessment of the Houston Metroplex.

Joe Czech

Joe J. Czech, PE, Principal Consultant

Joe Czech, PE has nearly 30 years of experience in the acoustical consulting field, conducting noise and/or environmental studies for a variety of military and civilian clients. His experience includes military noise measurement and modeling, particularly in bed-downs of advanced weapons system platforms such as the MV-22 and F-35 aircraft. In addition to aircraft noise, Mr. Czech is accomplished in traditional noise measurements and other areas of noise and vibration such as transit, highway, construction power/utility and acoustic research, as well as other tools to assess noise effects under NEPA.

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Philip DeVita

Philip M. DeVita, Director of Air Quality

Phil DeVita, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with twenty years of experience, directs the firm’s air quality practice.  Mr. DeVita's expertise includes atmospheric dispersion modeling to support permitting and siting studies, mobile source analyses, feasibility studies, green house gas emission analyses, and consequence analyses for hazardous chemical releases. 

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Robert Mentzer

Robert C. Mentzer, Jr., Principal Consultant

Robert Mentzer has specialized in airport environmental noise and air quality issues since 1989. Mr. Mentzer is nationally recognized as one of the most experienced users of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Integrated Noise Model (INM) and assists in the preparation and presentation of HMMH’s INM course. Mr. Mentzer has led the preparation of noise contours for over 60 airports.

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Christopher Bajdek

Bradley L. Nicholas, Principal Consultant

Brad Nicholas has been with HMMH for over 14 years has managed projects that have included noise modeling/analysis for airports, aviation noise field measurements and data processing, and environmental assessment and impact studies.  His specialties include airline fleet analysis, aircraft ground noise measurements and analysis, radar data analysis, and aircraft noise modeling.  He is an experienced user of the Federal Aviation Administration's airport and airspace noise model, the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), and the lead instructor for HMMH’s AEDT Workshop.  

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Scott Noel

Scott R. Noel, AICP, GISP, INCE, Principal Consultant

Scott Noel is a Principal Consultant in the Surface Transportation group at HMMH, focusing on project management and business development for the firm’s rail/transit practice.  He has extensive experience leading environmental noise, vibration and air quality modeling and analysis in support of freight rail, transit and roadway projects. He has conducted community outreach meetings and has worked with numerous state and local governments evaluating land use plans and zoning ordinances.  

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Katherine B. Preston, Principal Consultant

Katherine Preston recently joined HMMH and brings to the firm extensive experience in environmental policy and government affairs with a passion for sustainability and proven project management skills.  Throughout her career, Katherine has demonstrated exceptional organizational abilities, enthusiastic collaboration with diverse stakeholders, and effective communication with clients, government officials and industry peers.    

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Brandon L. Robinette, Principal Consultant

Brandon Robinette joined HMMH as Principal Consultant of the Federal Programs group. His experience includes a broad range of modeling, testing, and analysis services in support of aviation planning programs, NEPA studies, transportation noise, and architectural acoustics. Mr. Robinette has conducted field measurements of aircraft flight noise, aircraft engine test facility noise, and other transportation noise sources for various noise assessments and the advancement of noise modeling algorithms and databases. He has developed process and tools for improved screening and validation of noise modeling aircraft flight profiles, and was a key developer of advanced noise simulation video and auralization production tools.

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