> > > > > Project Experience: Dragway and NASCAR Speedway, North Carolina

Project Experience: Dragway and NASCAR Speedway, North Carolina

The Challenge

In the City of Concord, NC, a professional racing facility with an oval track speedway used for NASCAR events recently expanded by adding a major drag strip track with large grandstands. Residents in the nearby community have been exposed to noise from speedway races for many years, while the dragway racing noise is new and very different in character.

The Strategy

HMMH assessed whether the noise from the dragway on its opening weekend was louder in the surrounding residential community than the noise from a NASCAR race at the speedway.

The Solution

HMMH conducted noise measurements during both drag strip and speedway races at multiple locations in the community. We used several metrics to compare the noise levels, including averages and maximums over a loud hour, peak period and full day of racing.

quote HMMH staff closely listened and observed the actual situation and made specific recommendations that led to a much better study process and eventually results. They took our information and formulated a plan and a process to work within our budget to deliver a well devised study that fully met the intended goals of the City. quote — Jim Hipp, Asst. City Manager, City of Concord


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