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Noise is a byproduct of the entertainment/recreation industry. Owners of amusement and theme parks, outdoor music theaters, motorsports tracks, and stadiums are particularly concerned about their impact on their neighborhoods. Recording studios, where the passing of a train could ruin a soundtrack, are particularly concerned about external noise. For all these clients, HMMH analyzes existing or potential noise intrusions and predicts community response to new sources of sound. We recommend noise abatement remedies; for example, how to reduce the noise emitted from a roller coaster or keep the sound of train traffic off an important recording. We also provide short- and long-term continuous noise monitoring services, as well as experienced litigation support and expert opinion

quoteChris Menge of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. conducted a sound study on the potential community impact of a controversial race track proposed for Tamworth, NH and has helped analyze documents submitted by the developer. Chris was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, flexible, and innovative in his work and recommendations, and he has contributed significantly to our community’s understanding of the proposed development. quote— David Little, Resident