Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO)

HMMH supported the JPDO through a five-year technical, management, and support services contract. Our contributions to the JPDO organization furthered the foundation for effective interaction across the JPDO, between the JPDO, FAA and industry, and for delivery of products that focus JPDO development efforts. We provided expertise in organizational development, aviation/airport operations, aviation policy, investment analysis, technology assessment, knowledge management support, administrative support, and industry outreach. The expertise focused on helping JPDO define and implement:

  • ATM concept of operation planning methods
  • Operational assessments of NextGen technologies and concepts such as PBN navigation
  • Development of transition plans for current ATM systems operating paradigms into NextGen 
  • Implications of NextGen technologies on airports
  • Aviation Policy
  • Program Integration
  • Updated guidelines for aviation regulations
  • Government and industry stakeholder outreach and collaboration mechanisms.

Our staff effectively interfaced with existing national business units, national-level system integration or technical assistance support contractors and regional maintenance and operations organizations. You can learn more by visiting the JPDO web site at