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Project Experience: Development of Airport Noise Monitoring Standard

The Challenge

Standardizing noise monitoring systems at airports across the U.S. More than four dozen airports in North America have purchased and installed airport noise and operations monitoring systems. But there is no standardized method for assessing the performance of these systems, and reported data have unknown levels of uncertainty.

The Strategy

The FAA, through NASA, contracted HMMH to develop minimum guidelines for these systems and standard methods for quantifying their performance. We used the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) 4721. SAE has a tradition of publishing such recommended practices, and this document, when approved by SAE, will provide guidance to airports and other interested parties for procuring and testing these systems.

HMMH developed a hierarchy of test methods for collecting data and determining performance. The test methods ranged from simple plotting of system data, to detailed sound measurements in the field.

The Solution

ARP 4721 is expected to provide exceptional guidance to airports and others concerned about monitoring system performance.