Since 1981, HMMH has delivered expert assistance to more than 200 airports worldwide. Our services range from basic assessments of noise exposure to detailed and innovative technical analyses of unique airport problems. We also tackle the tough challenges of Environmental Assessments (EAs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) and Part 150 Noise Compatibility Plans. In addition, we provide comprehensive sound insulation solutions and ground-run-up enclosure designs.

HMMH also provides emissions modeling and VALE project funding assistance to airports.

quote I have worked with HMMH for about thirty years. Their capability to work effectively with airports, adversarial community groups, and other governmental entities is of significant value to us. I would enthusiastically recommend HMMH. quote— John Silva, Environmental Programs Manager, FAA (retired)
Map of HMMH Civil and Military Aviation Projects in the U.S. Click to Enlarge

HMMH Civil and Military Aviation Projects in the U.S.