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Project Experience: Baltimore Grand Prix Noise Analysis, Maryland

The Challenge

HMMH was retained by Baltimore Racing Development to conduct a noise analysis study of the proposed Baltimore Grand Prix race weekend. The objective of the study was to evaluate the expected noise levels associated with the race vehicles during the race weekend, and the potential effects on the surrounding land uses adjacent to the race route

The Strategy

HMMH conducted measurements of existing background sound levels in residential areas adjacent to the proposed road course in this urban environment. To determine expected sound levels during racing, HMMH conducted measurements of Grand Prix racing in Long Beach, CA during the race weekend there. HMMH then modeled the race course in Baltimore and projected sound levels from racing in the adjacent neighborhoods.

The Solution

HMMH compared projected sound levels to existing levels and to criteria for interference with speech both outdoors and indoors and also evaluated the effectiveness of noise abatement measures. The study addressed the potential for racing noise to interfere with communication in nearby residential buildings and the potential for effects from noise-induced vibration. Modeling with SoundPLAN® allowed HMMH to present results in a way easily understood by the public and City officials.

Baltimore Grand Prix Noise Analysis, race route noise levels contour map

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