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Project Experience: Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Maryland

The Challenge

The Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) needed to develop and maintain a Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and Noise Compatibility Program (NCP).

The Strategy

HMMH has provided comprehensive airport noise-related consulting services to the MAA since 1985, including  developing the airport’s first NEM and NCP. We also provided the first update of the NEM in 1995 and recently completed a second update, which was accepted by the FAA in April 2006. We are currently updating the airport’s NCP.

Our recent NEM Update included the development of noise contours with our proprietary RealContoursTM process. Using a one-year sample of radar data from MAA’s noise and operations, the software package:

  • Converted more than 250,000 individual radar traces and associated aircraft types into INM inputs, resulting in extra high-fidelity modeling of BWI’s fleet mix, runway use, and flight corridors.
  • Modeled forecast study years.

The Solution

FAA has reviewed the RealContours™ process and has confirmed that it satisfies Part 150 modeling requirements.

In addition, HMMH’s land-use analysis detailed and identified all residential properties within the 65 dB Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL) contour, coding each lot as to whether or not it had been previously mitigated. Each individual property eligible for mitigation with Federal funds was listed by address and displayed graphically.

BWI forecast contours for 2010
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Forecast (2010) DNL contours with mitigation status