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Project Experience: Bedford Hanscom Field, Massachusetts

The Challenge

Providing ongoing noise-related consulting.

The Strategy

Since 1982, HMMH has provided the airport with noise-related consulting services, including:

  • Evaluating benefits of a weight-based surcharge on nighttime operations
  • Preparing noise exposure contours and supplemental noise metrics
  • Reviewing MPA noise computations and annual noise reports
  • Preparing noise analysis sections of Generic Environmental Impact Reports
  • Measuring noise
  • Designing noise berms
  • Providing post-construction testing
  • Assisting the Hanscom Field Noise Workgroup
  • Examining changes in noise reduction resulting from tree cutting
Time Above Contours for Lear 35 operations
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Contours showing the areas where one day of Lear 35 departures sound levels exceed 65 dBA for various numbers of minutes