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MA ESGR Awards Dinner

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

by Kurt M. Hellauer

ESGR_Awardx500George Charos – Area Chair/MA ESGR,
Robert Miller – Co-founder/HMMH, Amie Hellauer,
and Tom Boyle, Area Chair Emeritus/MA ESGR
Photo Credit: Christine Deveau, MA ESGR

I am pleased to follow-up on my prior note that HMMH has been awarded the 2015 Pro Patria Award – Statewide Winner in the Small Business Category” by the Employer Support to the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), Massachusetts chapter.  The award was presented at a banquet and ceremony held in Fitchburg, MA on June 12, 2015.  Ironically, a scheduled military drill weekend, followed by two-week trip to California for field work (noise measurements) prevented my being able to attend the festivities.  My absence felt like an Annual Training tour that I would do for the Army Reserve, but without the uniforms or the military orders.  Company business took Mary Ellen Eagan out of state that day as well.  However, I was very excited and proud that my wife of nearly 25 years, Amie, along with one of HMMH’s founders, Bob Miller, could attend in our stead.

Amie knew well the experiences about which I and Mary Ellen have written previously (Dept. of Defense Patriot Award, LTC Kurt Hellauer) and was an excellent stand-in for me.  Bob Miller, a veteran of the Vietnam War and former Air Force pilot (F-102 Delta Dagger) was pleased to accept the award on behalf of Mary Ellen and HMMH.  The Pro Patria Award is the highest recognition a state chapter of ESGR can give each year.  One award for each of three categories of employers are recognized: Large Employers, Small Employers, and Public Sector Employers.  This award is related to, but distinct, from our recognition as a Freedom Award national semi-finalist.

New NBAA Noise Abatement Procedures Released

Monday, June 29th, 2015

by Robert C. Mentzer

On June 25th 2015, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) released an update to its recommended Noise Abatement Program (NAP).  Details of their announcement can be found here.  This was a complete repackaging of their program and related materials many of which have been in place for decades.  HMMH worked with NBAA to evaluate the noise footprints generated by the prior and updated procedures with several in-use business jet types.  HMMH also assisted NBAA with the development of language to describe and identify how these changes may affect airports.

NBAA’s updated Noise Abatement Program was developed with modern aircraft performance and air traffic control (ATC) requirements in mind. With this revision, NBAA continues to provide operators with guidance to reduce noise impacts that is suited to the current operating environment, as well as new tools for aircraft operators and airports to address the noise concerns of adjacent communities.

The updated program includes:

  • Noise abatement best practices for flight crews
  • Updates to NBAA’s “close-in” noise abatement departure procedure and approach and landing procedures
  • Noise abatement guidance for other aviation stakeholders, including airports and air traffic control facilities

The revised NAP retains the recommendations for the existing standard departure procedure, but includes a new option for high-density airports. The high-traffic option – which allows for a shorter thrust cutback area – may allow the procedure to be used at busy airports where it was not feasible before.  The new guidelines do not include the former “close-in” departure procedure, which was found to have no significant impact on noise reduction for today’s Stage 3 and 4 aircraft, which climb so fast that they reduce power while over airport property, reducing the benefit to communities outside the airport boundary.

Since the former “close-in” departure procedure has been eliminated and several airports recommend NBAA procedures, NBAA included the following page on their site to assist Airport operators understand the changes to the NAP: