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Van Nuys Airport Achieves “Zero Noise Impact”

Friday, July 6th, 2012

by Ted Baldwin

Congratulations to Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) for achievement of “zero noise impact” at Van Nuys Airport (VNY)!  The July/August 2012 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine includes a concise article summarizing this accomplishment; see “Van Nuys Airport Achieves Zero Noise Impact Designation”

Noise impact reduction is a high priority throughout LAWA, starting with the policy guidance from the Board of Airport Commissioners and extending through staff contributions from all involved branches of the organization.   Noise Management staff deserve particular credit for their decades-long efforts to develop, implement, and promote LAWA’s noise-impact-reduction policies.  

The VNY noise management program is unusually comprehensive.  In addition to including a complete range of noise abatement and compatible land use measures to both minimize and mitigate noise exposure, it includes a full collection of complementary monitoring, enforcement, and stakeholder outreach elements to ensure that the measures are implemented and communicated in the most effective means feasible.

LAWA’s efforts to continuously evaluate and improve the inclusiveness and effectiveness of the program are particularly noteworthy.  HMMH was proud to assist the LAWA on two recent efforts of this type, both of which implemented recommendations from the VNY Part 161 Study; i.e., (1) the Stage 2 Phaseout, and (2) the Updated Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program.  These two measures extended and enhanced existing noise abatement measures to best reflect current airport operations and needs, industry conditions, and regulatory conditions.

Mayor Villaraigosa Celebrates the Phaseout of Noisy Jets at Van Nuys Airport

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

by Ted Baldwin

That’s the headline of a recent press release from the City of Los Angeles.  We are celebrating, too, having shepherded this project for the last few years through a long and challenging route.  In particular, we are excited that Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has achieved a goal that the Board of Airport Commissioners set in June 1990; i.e., the phaseout of older, noisier Part 36 Stage 1 and 2 aircraft. 

Van Nuys Airport

Van Nuys Airport

The ordinance was signed by Mayor Villaraigosa on March 9, 2010, and will go into effect on April 15, 2010.  Major provisions of the ordinance phaseout include:

  • On or after January 1, 2009: No aircraft may arrive or depart VNY whose takeoff noise level equals or exceeds 85 A-weighted decibels (dBA).
  • On or after January 1, 2011: No aircraft may arrive or depart VNY whose takeoff noise level equals or exceeds 83 dBA.
  • On or after January 1, 2014: No aircraft may arrive or depart VNY whose takeoff noise level equals or exceeds 80 dBA.
  • On or after January 1, 2016: No aircraft may arrive or depart VNY whose takeoff noise level equals or exceeds 77 dBA.

The noise limits do not apply to military, government, medical, Stage 3 and 4 aircraft, and emergency operations.  The ordinance also exempts operations of aircraft that are permanently departing VNY, and of historic types first flown before 1950.  Operations of former military aircraft that are now privately owned, and operations related to major maintenance and repairs are exempt until 2016.

In his remarks, Mayor Villaraigosa said, “This is a landmark ordinance and a confirmation that City Hall and L.A.’s neighborhoods can truly work together to accomplish difficult, significant tasks to improve our quality of life.  I thank and congratulate everyone who helped make it happen after four years of hard work.” 

HMMH is proud to have had the opportunity to assist the City to achieve this long-standing noise abatement objective of the LAWA Board of Airport Commissioners.

More information on the VNY Phaseout can be found here.


Fly Quietly

Fly Quietly