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A Long Week

Friday, January 15th, 2010

by Mary Ellen Eagan

I’m supposed to be blogging about TRB’s Annual Meeting, and the exciting and informative workshops, committee meetings, and sessions I attended.

Instead, I find myself contemplating the situation in Haiti.  I’m thinking not just about the logistical and operational challenge of operating an airport that has been decimated, but mostly about the collapse of an entire country – one analogy I read was that it’s as if everyone in New Orleans had drowned in Katrina.  I’m also thinking about the poverty, colonialism, and neglect that are the real causes of this tragedy and struggling with what the US should (and can) do about it.

So I will return to TRB after the weekend.  In the interim, if you’re interested in contributing, please consider Partners in Health, a physician-led organization that has been on the ground in Haiti for more than 20 years.