> > > > > Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Massachusetts

Project Experience: Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Massachusetts

The Challenge

A comprehensive strategy was needed for dealing with the potential impact of noise and vibration from the construction of this multi-billion dollar construction project located in the middle of downtown Boston.

The Strategy

HMMH provided comprehensive on-call technical support for noise and vibration monitoring, analysis, impact, and mitigation. As part of our services we:

  • Compiled a comprehensive review of construction noise control information
  • Prepared standard noise control specifications for project contracts
  • Developed specifications and cost estimates for various noise abatement measures, including portable noise barriers, curtains, and building sound insulation
  • Developed contract specifications for vibration monitoring equipment and procedures
  • Presented a training seminar to project geotechnical staff
  • Evaluated the potential effects of ground-borne vibration from construction activities including pipe jacking and slurry wall construction using a hydromill trenching device

The Solution

HMMH developed noise criteria for the project which became the model for construction noise criteria on large infrastructure projects around the country.