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Project Experience: Boston-Logan International and Bedford Hanscom Field, Massachusetts (Replacement System)

The Challenge

In 1973, Massport installed one of the nation’s first noise permanent noise monitoring systems at Logan Airport. In 1989, it procured an integrated noise and operations monitoring system (“NOMS”) to serve both Logan and Hanscom Field. By 2002, it was time for an upgrade.

The Strategy

To deliver a state-of-the-art “third-generation” system, HMMH:

  • Replaced hardware and software with Windows© - compatible technology
  • Integrated the upgraded NOMS into the Massport computer network
  • Reduced day-to-day staff workload, to free staff up for “high-value” tasks
  • Improved the noise-related customer service that Massport provides the public
  • Increased the speed, accuracy, and responsiveness of complaint replies
  • Provided a high level of public access to appropriate outputs through the Internet
  • Provided BED Noise Office staff with full access to the NOMS capabilities
  • Improved low-altitude radar coverage, flight identification and runway assignment
  • Provided uninterrupted monitoring during the replacement process
  • Provided Massport with full and exclusive ownership of all data the system collects
  • Simplified on-going support arrangements, with a single point of contact
  • Limited acquisition, operating, support, and maintenance costs, over a 10-year life cycle