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Project Experience: Buffalo Niagara International Airport, New York

The Challenge

The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) is implementing a Sound Insulation Program at Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) in Buffalo, New York. HMMH, as the acoustical consultant, is providing acoustical design and testing services. The purpose of the testing services is to show that the Program is meeting their acoustic goals, which are an interior DNL of 45 dB or less and at least a 5 dB improvement in noise level reduction (NLR).

The Strategy

The steps undertaken by HMMH in this Program were:

  • Acoustical treatment design of the Maryvale School
  • Acoustical element of the Program policies and procedures manual
  • Pilot study acoustic testing and design services
  • Program treatment recommendations based on pilot study results
  • Full program acoustic testing and design services
  • Report the testing results and compare to the Program goals

For the Maryvale (Elementary) School, HMMH worked with the design engineers to determine effective acoustic treatment designs that minimally altered the roof/ceiling designs due to the limited space and high expense to change. The treatments also utilized a storage closet design to house the HVAC units to allow fresh air intake without compromising the acoustic envelope of the classrooms.