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Project Experience: California Motocross Park, California

The Challenge

Preparing a noise study for the proposed California Motocross Park to comply with Placer County environmental requirements. The 158-acre park will consist of several outdoor motocross tracks for various sizes of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and BMX bicycles, as well as a partially enclosed arena with a motocross track.

The Strategy

To determine compatibility of noise from the proposed Park with residential areas nearby, HMMH conducted measurements of existing noise levels. We used the SoundPLAN® model to project worst-case noise conditions at the homes and at the property boundary. Our noise study showed that the facility would comply with two different county noise requirements:

  • Limits in the nearest sensitive areas on maximum sound level (Lmax) and hourly average sound levels (Leq)
  • Limits at the property boundary on 24-hour average sound levels (Ldn)

The Solution

Even under worst-case conditions, noise levels from the facility are expected to comply with the County requirements, and also be well below existing ambient noise levels.

Track modeling generated by SoundPLAN
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Track modeling and noise computations generated by SoundPLAN® showing the tracks that were modeled (purple), elevation contours (brown), earth berms (green), and noise computation sites (red) with computed Ldn noise levels.

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