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Environmental Documentation

HMMH has a record of providing exceptional, timely and integrated analyses of noise, airport and airspace design, along with air quality analyses for high-profile EA’s, EISs, and specialized state documents. HMMH’s technical services are focused on interrelated disciplines, which allow us to streamline analyses by minimizing duplication of effort and using proprietary tools.

HMMH has been engaged in some of the most controversial and prominent environmental studies recently completed, currently ongoing, or just starting. HMMH performed noise and airspace modeling analyses in support of a capacity enhancement EIS at Philadelphia International Airport, conducted noise elements of an EIS to address implementation of Master Plan’s recommendations at T.F. Green State Airport in Rhode Island, and completed an analysis of airport and airspace noise for FAA and Clark County (NV) to evaluate extensive changes to airspace resulting from proposed construction of a new airport south of Las Vegas (all under NEPA). Our CEQA experience is quite current as well - we recently completed an EIR at Van Nuys Airport. HMMH recently prepared a noise and air quality analysis for 13 airports on the West coast and in the Pacific area in support of an amendment to the Operation Specification for Hawaiian Airlines (HA). The analysis and report serves as the documentation for an FAA Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) for the amendment.  Finally, HMMH was recently selected by FAA to prepare environmental documentation for NextGen implementation throughout the U.S.  We are currently working on four EA's for the FAA where noise and/or airspace are the major issues, including: Greener Skies at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, one at Chicago Midway Airport, and EA's for Houston and North Texas Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAMP).

For our NEPA work, HMMH regularly applies the FAA’s environmental orders 1050.1E “Policies and Procedures for Implementing NEPA ” and 5050.4B “NEPA Implementing Instructions for Airport Projects”.

HMMH is continuously involved in the national regulatory environment and maintains a library of guidelines and policies, including the FAA Airport Improvement Program Handbook, the Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise (FICAN), the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), and FAA’s Center of Excellence for Aircraft Noise and Emissions Research (PARTNER). HMMH’s leadership in professional organizations also includes commenting on proposed rulemaking and coordinating with FAA and other officials during development of environmental guidance documents.