> > > > Falmouth Wind Turbine Noise Study, Massachusetts

Project Experience: Falmouth Wind Turbine Noise Study, Massachusetts

The Challenge

HMMH is conducting a sound level study for existing and proposed 1.65MW turbines at the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility. HMMH needed to conduct short- and long-term measurements of existing noise levels in the residential areas nearest the existing and proposed turbine sites.

The Solution

The measurements were conducted both when the existing turbine is operating and when it was shut down for maintenance, to characterize the ambient background noise levels. These measurements are being evaluated for compliance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) noise guidelines. Using the SoundPLAN® noise model, HMMH is computing the noise levels from both the existing and proposed wind turbine operations and evaluating them throughout the surrounding community with respect to the Mass. DEP guidelines.