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Project Experience: FHWA Listening Experience

Virtual Soundscapes™ can be used to supplement instructional materials that include descriptions of sounds, noise, or aspects of acoustics.

The Little Book of Quieter Pavements, which was produced by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), includes a CD listening experience built from the Soundscape Design ™ concept pioneered by HMMH. Throughout the Little Book, notations of the corresponding track numbers are given as a small blue speaker with a track number. The CD contains fourteen tracks keyed to specific sections and topics in the book. You can hear it for yourself by clicking on the MP3 files below.

For best results, this listening experience should be loaded onto an MP3 player and played using headphones or ear buds in a setting free from other noise sources or distractions.


  1. Introduction
  2. Is it Sound or Noise
  3. Decibels
  4. Frequencies
  5. Complex Sounds
  6. The Perception of Sound
  7. Introduction to Traffic Noise
  8. Controlling Traffic Noise
  9. Controlled Pass-By Testing
  10. Comparing Noise Measurement Types
  11. Comparing Pavements at Wayside
  12. Comparing Pavements at the Source
  13. Pavement Variability
  14. Who are We?