> > > > > FTA Guidance Manual for Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment, 2006

FTA Guidance Manual for Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment, 2006

HMMH prepared this manual specifying the analysis procedures and impact criteria for noise and vibration assessments of FTA sponsored projects. The manual sets forth basic concepts, methods, and procedures for documenting the extent and severity of noise and vibration impact from transit projects.

Originally published by FTA in April 1995, the manual has been widely applied for analysis of over 80 new transit projects. The revised version incorporates changes in policy, improved models with current source reference levels, and updated noise and vibration impact criteria.

FTA recommends the use of the manual not only for preparers of environmental impact assessments, but also as guidance for management personnel of projects who need a fuller understanding of the methods used by consultants in noise and vibration studies.

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Manual Chapters (PDF)


Cover, Table of Contents and Preface

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Basic Noise Concepts

Chapter 3

Noise Impact Criteria

Chapter 4

Noise Screening Procedure

Chapter 5

General Noise Assessment

Chapter 6

Detailed Noise Analysis

Chapter 7

Basic Ground-Borne Vibration Concepts

Chapter 8

Vibration Impact Criteria

Chapter 9

Vibration Screening Procedure

Chapter 10

General Vibration Assessment

Chapter 11

Detailed Vibration Analysis

Chapter 12

Noise and Vibration During Construction

Chapter 13

Documentation of Noise and Vibration Assessment

Appendix A

Glossary of Terms

Appendix B

Background for Transit Noise Impact Criteria

Appendix C

Selecting Receivers of Interest

Appendix D

Determining Existing Noise

Appendix E

Computing Source Levels from Measurements

Appendix F

Computing Noise Level for a Single Train Passby

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