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Course Outline

Day 1
Topic Description
Session 1: Review of Airport Noise Terminology
Provides a brief review of the terminology that will be used throughout the seminar, including a thorough description of the units used to measure and describe noise. There are many noise metrics available within the INM; we will review the appropriate uses of each.
Session 2: Airport Noise Modeling Basics
Provides a review of the fundamental issues involved in developing INM contours. Topics will include: INM input and output, computational algorithms, data collection, and precision requirements.
Session 3*: Developing an INM 7 Study The INM organizes the input and output for a study using the concept of "scenarios". Each scenario is a combination of one or more operational cases. We will take the class step-by-step through the development of a study, from defining runways to deciding output parameters, and every step in between.
Day 2
Session 3*: Developing an INM 7 Study Continued
Session 4: Advanced Features There are a number of new features available in INM 7. We will discuss these features, when to use them, and their strengths and limitations. We will also will cover important topics such as user-defined profiles, using RADAR data, and how to output results to useable hard-copy or machine-readable formats.
Day 3
Session 5*: Create Your Own Noise Contours In this session, students will have an opportunity to develop noise contours for a hypothetical airport, or to modify an existing INM study case to analyze operational alternatives. This will allow students to synthesize the material learned throughout the training course in one "hands-on" session. Instructors will be available to troubleshoot and respond to individual questions as they arise.
Session 6: Wrap Up Training concludes with a review of the course, discussion of additional resources, as well as an evaluation of the model and course.


Completed INM study (7mb) for use by our course attendees in reviewing the material covered in sessions 3 and 5 of the course.

Course Notes

HMMH's course notes support and expand on material covered in the course, including information from the INM User Guide, technical hints and other useful information. Our course notes have been updated for each course session to reflect additional features and hints for using INM. Course notes are provided at the course and are only available to course participants.