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Project Experience: Los Angeles International Airport, California

The Challenge

In 2005, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) contracted with HMMH to conduct two 14 CFR Part 161 studies for the purpose of adopting noise and access restrictions at Los Angeles International and Van Nuys Airports. The proposed restriction at LAX is intended to eliminate easterly departures over the city between the hours of midnight and 6:30am during weather conditions that allow all other departures and arrivals to occur over the water in conformance with the Airport's voluntary Over Ocean Operations noise abatement measure. Sleep disturbance and environmental justice issues may be factors in justifying the restriction.

The Strategy

HMMH continues to manage the LAX Part 161 study with lead technical responsibility for noise and TAAM simulation modeling to identify ground delays and added flight times that are important elements of the study’s benefit/cost analysis. This project is currently delayed while awaiting an updated forecast being developed as part of LAWA's noise Specific Plan Amendment Study, which will modify previous Master Plan recommendations.

LAX tower

Photo courtesy of Ernest Hori