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Modeling and Simulation

HMMH maintains a laboratory of state-of-the-art simulation tools such as the Sector Design Analysis Tool (SDAT), Terminal Area Route Generation Evaluation Traffic Simulation (TARGETS), Total Airspace & Airport Modeler (TAAM), Simmod and various other FAA approved National Airspace System (NAS)-wide modeling tools. We apply this analytical capability to impact analyses of new or extended runways, new surface movement patterns, new performance-based navigation and environmental procedures, and proposed airspace configurations. We propose comprehensive airfield and airspace optimization that comply with FAA guidance. Our approach relies heavily on coordination with stakeholders including local air traffic representatives, airport management, and affected tenants. We incorporate frequent feedback and review opportunities to ensure the highest quality of final analysis and to eliminate schedule and cost slip. 

With the use of qualitative and quantitative models , we are able to model the entire airside and airspace environment in one seamless application, depict aircraft movement according to performance characteristics, reflect detailed flight plans, and represent control actions. The tool enables us to conduct unlimited "what-if" scenarios, generate comprehensive statistical data, and examine conflict and resolution probabilities. It also enables us to randomize aircraft performance, delays and other characteristics to enhance realism and generate information for input into noise modeling systems. We are particularly adept at applying statistical analysis techniques to model output to interpret, and validate systemic impacts, gauge costs and benefits, and pinpoint technical risks of program alternatives.

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