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Project Experience: National Maglev Deployment Program

The Challenge

Noise and vibration research was needed for the Federal Railroad Administration’s “National Maglev Deployment Program.”

The Strategy

HMMH conducted the research, which included measuring noise and vibration on the Transrapid International TR08 Maglev System in Germany in 2001 and 2002. The data were analyzed and reported in a format consistent with FRA’s noise and vibration assessment methodology.

HMMH coordinated the field efforts on the maglev noise measurements using a microphone array system operated by akustik-data Engineering of Berlin, Germany, and performed the measurements necessary to characterize the ground-borne vibrations from the various components of the maglev system.

The Solution

Noise and vibration reports were issued by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center and were used in the environmental assessments of the Maglev Deployment Program.