Project Experience: New Theme Park, Florida

The Challenge

A theme park developer was concerned that noise from entertainment centers would affect the adjacent residential and educational communities. 

The Strategy

During the planning stages of this large theme park in Orlando, HMMH developed a park-wide acoustical model that accounted for dozens of potential sound sources in the park. To develop the model, we measured noise from many different sources of sound in theme parks around the U.S. The sources included:

  • Roller coasters
  • Water rides
  • Parades
  • Free-fall rides
  • Musical performances, both outdoors and in partially-enclosed amphitheaters

With this information and a computer prediction model, we projected sound levels into the adjacent community. We then determined compliance with the local noise ordinances and estimated the community’s likely response when the park opened. Since the roller coasters were expected to be intrusive, we designed several noise-reduction approaches, which were successfully employed.