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News Archive 2012

HMMH Announces Leadership Changes

December 7, 2012: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson is pleased to announce leadership changes at the firm. At its November 27, 2012 meeting, HMMH’s Board of Directors appointed Mary Ellen Eagan as Chairman of the Board. She also serves as President and CEO. In announcing the change, Robert Miller, one of the firm’s founders, praised the new Chairman saying “Mary Ellen has been with HMMH since 1984 and served as our very capable President for the past eight years. Her new role is well-earned, and it is both an honor and pleasure to turn the position over to her”. Ted Baldwin was appointed Vice Chair of the Board. 

The Board also appointed Diana Wasiuk as Chief Operating Officer, a new position at HMMH. Diana’s role will be to work with practice leaders to manage operations and implement the company’s strategic plan. “Diana has a unique combination of business savvy and personal skills that will continue to improve our efficiency, quality, and service to clients. I look forward to working more closely with her”, said Mary Ellen Eagan.

Other officers who were reappointed include: Senior Vice Presidents Nick Miller, Robert Miller, Ted Baldwin, and Chris Menge; Vice Presidents Gene Reindel, Alison Moore, Jason Ross, and Vinnie Khera.

HMMH is an international leader in environmental noise and vibration control, air quality analysis, airport and airspace planning, and climate and energy solutions. With three offices throughout the country, we serve government and private industry clients with a broad range of innovative and effective solutions.

HMMH one of Massachusetts’ Top Women-led Businesses

November 7, 2012: Burlington, MA

The Boston Business Journal and The Commonwealth Institute have announced their third annual list of the Top 100 Women-led Businesses in eastern Massachusetts.  The goal of this brief survey is to showcase the important impact women-led companies continue to have on the Massachusetts economy.  HMMH once again made the list, which is based on 2011 revenue.  The BBJ will formally honor this year's Top 100 Thursday, Dec. 6, during a breakfast event at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

HMMH is an international leader in environmental noise and vibration control, air quality analysis, airport and airspace planning, and climate and energy solutions. With three offices throughout the country, we serve government and private industry clients with a broad range of innovative and effective solutions.

HMMH Board of Directors Appointed at Annual Meeting

October 22, 2012: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) announced today the appointment of its Board of Directors. HMMH is an international leader in environmental noise and vibration control, air quality analysis, airport and airspace planning, and climate and energy solutions. With four offices throughout the country, we serve government and private industry clients with a broad range of innovative and effective solutions.

The directors appointed today include: Thomas J. Kinton, Jr., Dick Orton, Jason Ross, Vinnie Khera, and Stephen Barrett. They join current Board members Robert Miller (Chair), Mary Ellen Eagan, and Ted Baldwin.

Thomas J. Kinton, Jr. is an international aviation consultant with extensive experience. Having recently culminated a 35-year career with Massachusetts Port Authority, he is a leader and expert throughout the global aviation industry. Mr. Kinton served as Massport's Director of Aviation from 1993 to 2006, during which time he was responsible for the operation of Boston Logan International Airport, Bedford's Hanscom Field and Worcester Regional Airport. From 2006 until 2011, Mr. Kinton was appointed as CEO and Executive Director, taking on additional responsibility for the public cruise, cargo and container terminals of the Port of Boston and the development of Massport-owned property, along with the operation of the Tobin Bridge Toll Complex.

Dick Orton is a 1966 graduate of Clark University in Worcester (MA). Dick has more than 40 years of experience primarily in professional services firms. Prior to Dick’s retirement in 2006, he worked for three distinguished organizations and four distinguished CEO's as chief human resources officer: Sasaki Assoc., Camp Dresser & McKee, and Vanasse Hangen Brustlin. Dick’s work is focused on leadership and organizational development, ownership transition, strategic planning, change management and compensation design. Since 2006, Dick has participated on two Boards of Directors and provided consulting services to several engineering firms interested in growth.

Jason Ross leads HMMH's Rail Services Group and specializes in project management of environmental noise and vibration rail studies. Projects have included environmental assessments, compliance testing, development of noise and vibration data measurement systems, detailed analyses of vibration-sensitive equipment, participation in public meetings, teaching courses and expert testimony. In addition to rail studies, Mr. Ross has extensive experience in projects for highways, national parks, airports, and industrial facilities and is the technical manager of HMMH’s acoustical laboratory.

Vinnie Khera manages HMMH's Leesburg, VA office and leads our Advanced Programs group. Mr. Khera specializes in airport/airspace design studies and environmental planning for airports. He has worked with federal, state, and local governments, as well as community groups to find balanced solutions to issues involving the effects of new capacity enhancing technologies and policies on the environment. Mr. Khera is a member of the Airport Consultants Council’s Planning and Globalization Committees.

Steve Barrett supports HMMH clients across all practice areas with planning and managing clean and renewable energy projects. He has over 15 years of experience in environmental and regulatory consulting and project management for energy and infrastructure projects. Steve is also a LEED-Accredited Professional and is available to support broader sustainability planning and development. Steve has developed national guidance for solar development projects at airports, managed wind and tidal energy development projects for municipalities, and supports for private and public wind farm developments. Steve also serves on the Board of Directors for the Environmental Business Council of New England.

“I’m looking forward to working with our new Board”, said President and CEO Mary Ellen Eagan. “This is an exciting time to be at HMMH, and our Board is helping to set the direction for the firm. I am also grateful for the past support of outgoing Board Members Bill Rizzo, Nick Miller, and Diana Wasiuk, who provided key insights and guidance over the past two years.”

HMMH Presents at INTER-NOISE 2012

August 2, 2012: Burlington, MA

INTER-NOISE 2012 International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering will take place August 19-22 in New York City, NY. The congress is sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and is organized by the United States Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA). The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and SAE International are also co-sponsoring the event. There are more than 110 sessions which amounts to 21 parallel sessions over 3 full days and slightly more than 1000 oral presentations.

The Congress includes an extensive program of sessions on a variety of acoustics, vibration, and noise topics including the following topics presented by HMMH staff:

  • Eric Cox, Consultant, is presenting paper # 1341: “CTIM wayside noise study for the Virginia quiet pavement pilot project,” scheduled for Session 4.12 B on Tuesday at 1:40 in the Ziegfeld Room on the 4th floor.
  • Tim Johnson, Senior Consultant, is presenting paper # 1378: “The importance of vehicle throttle setting information for rail transit noise impact assessments.” The presentation is scheduled for Session 19.01 A on Tuesday at 8:00 in the Booth Room on the 5th floor.
  • Chris Menge, Senior Vice President, is presenting paper #366: “SPARC (Cooper Park) Race Track noise analysis and abatement,” scheduled for Session 7.02 A on Wednesday at 11:00 in the Broadway N Room on the 6th floor.
  • Nick Miller, Senior Vice President, is presenting two papers: #137 “Examining an empirical relationship between Lnight and the probability of awakening” scheduled for Session 7.08 A on Tuesday at 10:40 in the Wilder Room on the 4th floor and # 1374 “What is Mentoring?” scheduled for Session 16.08 A on Tuesday at 10:00 in the Gilbert Room on the 4th floor.

Van Nuys Airport Achieves "Zero Noise Impact"

July 6, 2012: Burlington, MA

The July/August 2012 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine includes a concise article summarizing Van Nuys Airport's (VNY) achievement of "zero noise impact." The VNY noise management program is unusually comprehensive. In addition to including a complete range of noise abatement and compatible land use measures to both minimize and mitigate noise exposure, it includes a full collection of complementary monitoring, enforcement, and stakeholder outreach elements to ensure that the measures are implemented and communicated in the most effective means feasible.

The Los Angeles World Airports' (LAWA) efforts to continuously evaluate and improve the inclusiveness and effectiveness of the program are particularly noteworthy. HMMH was proud to assist the LAWA on two recent efforts of this type, both of which implemented recommendations from the VNY Part 161 Study; i.e., (1) the Stage 2 Phaseout, and (2) the Updated Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program. These two measures extended and enhanced existing noise abatement measures to best reflect current airport operations and needs, industry conditions, and regulatory conditions.

HMMH Announces Four Promotions

July 1, 2012: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) is pleased to announce the promotions of James Ferguson, David Crandall, Vinnie Khera, and Jason Ross, P.E.

James Ferguson III has been promoted to Senior Consultant.  Mr. Ferguson joined HMMH in 2007 and has supported a wide variety of noise analysis studies, including analyses of automotive, aviation, rail, and wind turbine sources.  He currently supports HMMH’s highway practice and is managing projects for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority and the Virginia Department of Transportation. Mr. Ferguson previously held the position of Consultant at HMMH.

David Crandall has been promoted to Principal Consultant. Mr. Crandall joined HMMH in 1998 and has participated in a variety of aircraft noise related projects including environmental assessments/environmental impact statements (EA/EIS), 14 CFR Part 150 studies, and airport noise monitoring system analysis. He manages major elements of complex projects including aircraft noise modeling, radar data analyses, and airline fleet analyses. He currently is serving as Technical Lead for the Environmental Assessment of the ‘Houston Metroplex’. Mr. Crandall previously held the position of Senior Consultant at HMMH.

Vinnie Khera has been promoted to Vice President. Mr. Khera manages HMMH's Washington DC office and is responsible for managing HMMH’s growing federal practice. Mr. Khera has worked with federal, state, and local governments, as well as community groups to find balanced solutions to issues involving the effects of new capacity enhancing technologies and policies on the environment. He is currently Principal in Charge for all of HMMH’s tasks under its eFAST and PEARS contracts which include NextGen and Metroplex environmental support. As Vice President, Mr. Khera will bring his vision and leadership to continue to develop HMMH’s corporate structure and in particular federal support.

Jason Ross, P.E. has been promoted to Vice President. Mr. Ross is Director of HMMH’s Transit Noise and Vibration practice, responsible for leading our transit noise and vibration services practice group, managing and supporting projects, business development activities and resource allocation.  He is currently managing HMMH’s support of the CATS Blue Line Extension Final Design project, MBTA Green Line Extension project, Federal Railroad Administration’s Directive Locomotive Horn Research and an on-call contract for Houston METRO. In his role as Vice President, Mr. Ross will continue to bring valuable insights to HMMH’s corporate initiatives and direction, and continue to build the rail noise and vibration practice area.  Mr. Ross has previously held the positions of Principal Engineer and Senior Consultant at HMMH.

“I am very excited to provide each of these individuals an opportunity to expand their leadership and contribution to HMMH.  We talk a lot about NextGen in our business, but these guys are truly HMMH’s NextGen.” said Mary Ellen Eagan, President. 

Please join us in congratulating these individuals in their accomplishments.

HMMH Begins Work on Guidebook for Energy Facilities’ Compatibility with Airports and Airspace

May 7, 2012: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) begins work on a new Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) research project to further evaluate the safety effects that energy technologies may have on the air transportation system, (including aircraft in flight and on and off the airport environment) and to develop best practices to address such effects. This new research follows on the heels of two other HMMH-led research reports: FAA’s “Technical Guidance for Evaluating Selected Solar Technologies on Airports (November 2010)” and ACRP’s Synthesis 28: Investigating Safety Impacts of Energy Technologies on Airports and Aviation.

The objective of this research is to produce a guidebook that provides best practices for aviation safety associated with planning, developing and constructing energy production and transmission technologies at and around airports. The guidebook will include:

  • A review of FAA guidance, related ACRP and other research, and relevant federal and state regulations
  • Descriptions of different types of energy technologies that could be installed in and around airports, including solar, wind, power generation plants, oil and gas drilling, and electricity transmission lines and towers
  • Best practices and guidelines for a wide range of types and sizes of airports compatible with air transportation systems, for all airspace, including special use airspace, both on and off airports
  • Design and siting or location guidelines for each of these types of energy technologies in order to mitigate and minimize the impact on aviation

“Changes in the energy industry in response to the economy, geo-political conditions, and climate change will produce new challenges and opportunities for the aviation industry. HMMH is very excited to be working on this ground breaking project that will help make sure that energy development minimizes its potential impact on airspace while facilitating the development of well-sited projects.” said Mary Ellen Eagan, President.

Kurt Hellauer joins HMMH’s Aviation Services Group

May 1, 2012: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) is pleased to announce that Kurt Hellauer has joined our Burlington, MA office as a Principal Consultant. He will support HMMH’s aviation environmental projects. 

Mr. Hellauer brings 20 years’ experience in land use and environmental planning, supporting and managing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, and managing military environmental projects. He has a strong background in aircraft operations modeling, airspace analysis, land use planning, and obstruction evaluation, and a clear understanding of Air Force Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) and 14 CFR Part 150 studies.

“I am looking forward to working with Kurt”, said Mary Ellen Eagan. “He brings a wealth of NEPA experience to us and will be an enormous asset to our growing environmental practice.”

Mr. Hellauer has experience leading teams of analysts and support staff over the environmental planning lifecycle including: development of the project/study design; scoping and stakeholder engagement; literature review and data collection; modeling, analysis, and conduct of subsidiary studies (e.g., archaeological surveys, wetland delineation, airfield noise modeling); presentation of findings; conduct of public hearings; comment cataloging and responses; and, compilation of an administrative record. Mr. Hellauer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and holds a commercial pilot certificate. In addition, he presently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Mary Ellen Eagan and Diana Wasiuk Appointed to ACI’s NextGen Working Group

May 1, 2012: Burlington, MA

Mary Ellen Eagan, President of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc., and Diana Wasiuk, Director of Airport and Airspace Planning, have each been appointed to the Airport Council International –North America (ACI-NA) NextGen Working Group. Ms Eagan will assist with noise and environmental issues while Ms. Wasiuk will address operational issues.

The NextGen Working Group “seeks to serve as the ‘voice of airports’ regarding the ongoing efforts of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), RTCA, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada, and others to develop and implement Next Generation Air Transport System (NextGen) technologies, procedures and policies.” More information on the NExtGen Working group, including group objectives, is located at: http://www.aci-na.org/opstechnextgen.

HMMH Conducts Peer Review Study of Noise Variance Status for Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), CA

April 17, 2012: Burlington, MA

In accordance with the California Noise Standards for Airports (Title 21), HMMH reviewed and audited the noise monitoring data supplied by the City of San Jose (City), verified that the second quarter 2011 (2Q11) noise impact boundary was true and accurate, and reviewed land uses within the 2Q11 noise impact boundary to determine if any incompatible land uses existed. The 2Q11 noise report indicated that there are currently no incompatible land uses within the noise impact boundary.

Over the past decade, the City developed and implemented programs to reduce SJC’s noise impact area. During that time SJC operated under a noise variance from the State of California due to incompatible land uses within the noise impact boundary. The County concurred with the City’s findings and is in the process of submitting the report to the State recommending removal of the noise variance requirement.

Study of Noise Variance Status for San Jose International Airport, CA

HMMH reviewed and audited the noise monitoring data supplied by the City, verified that the 2Q11 noise impact boundary was true and accurate, and reviewed land uses within the 2Q11 noise impact boundary to determine if any incompatible land uses existed.

Mary Ellen Eagan joins ACC Board of Directors

April 9, 2012: Burlington, MA

Mary Ellen Eagan, President of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc., has been unanimously approved as a member of the 2012 Airport Consultants Council (ACC) Board of Directors. In her new role, Ms. Eagan expects to contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the organization.  “As President of a mid-size consulting firm (at least among ACC members), I look forward to contributing a different perspective to the Board’s discussions”, said Mary Ellen. 

ACC is the international trade association that represents private businesses involved in the development and operations of airports and related facilities and is the only association that focuses exclusively on the business interests of firms with airport-related technical expertise. 

HMMH completes noise assessment associated with six runway extension options at Vancouver International Airport in two months from start to final report

March 13, 2012: Burlington, MA

HMMH recently conducted a high-level screening to assess the expected change in aircraft noise to adjacent communities for six runway extension options at YVR. The runway options were the result of anticipated forthcoming Transport Canada requirements for Runway End Safety Area (RESA). The RESA was to address providing sufficient runway surface area to reduce the risk of damage to aircraft in the event of an undershoot or overshoot on approach or an excursion from the runway. The objectives of the noise assessment were to:

  • Determine any noise impacts for each runway extension option
  • Compare each option to the base case and other options
  • Provide an evaluation metric that allows a ranking of each option based on noise

The primary emphasis was to review aircraft noise due to changes in the start-of-takeoff location and increases in the use of the north runway for daytime departures by heavy, wide-body aircraft.

The noise analysis looked at three primary noise metrics to develop the overall effects on the local population:

  • NEF metric to compare general community annoyance
  • Time Above 60 dB to compare time that aircraft noise may interfere with speech
  • Number of events Above 60 dB to compare the number of times that potential speech interference may occur.

HMMH used the Integrated Noise Model (INM) to develop contours and conduct grid point analyses for the three metrics and each option plus the Base Case. Using the latest available Canada census data for 2006, HMMH evaluated each option and the Base Case for the affected population in the Census blocks within approximately one nautical mile of the NEF 30 contour. The following figure shows the grid point analysis for one of the runway extension options.

Grid analysis of NEF differences

The analyses determined the “shift” in noise associated with each option and metric compared to the Base Case and ranked each option from the least to the most population affected.  The composite of the ranking for the three metrics provided the overall cumulative single-value ranking for noise.

HMMH Awarded Wind Turbine Noise Assessment Contract with Maine DEP

February 3, 2012: Burlington, MA

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) have awarded HMMH a four year on-call contract to provide peer review consulting services associated with wind turbine sound assessment and analysis. DEP and LURC are responsible for processing applications under the Site Location of Development Law and Development Review and Approval Law, respectively, and ensuring that projects meet applicable noise performance standards. HMMH will provide DEP and LURC with independent analysis of proposed wind turbine project applications under these laws. 

HMMH is a leading environmental consulting firm that has established a deep technical reputation in the transportation acoustics field. In recent years, we have been employing the same technical skills in the wind energy sector. We are currently conducting numerous noise assessments for communities and wind developers in the northeast. Our work includes baseline sound monitoring, wind turbine noise emission modeling, and project impact assessments. One aspect that sets us apart is that we have prepared acoustic studies in the wind energy field equitably between communities and developers rather than working on one side or the other. In addition, we have a broad area of acoustics expertise in areas of aviation, highways, rail, and other areas upon which we can draw to put wind turbine noise in a wider context.

HMMH Begins Work on Houston Metroplex Project

February 1, 2012: Burlington, MA

HMMH was recently awarded a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assist in the Environmental Assessment of the ‘Houston Metroplex’. HMMH will be evaluating the environmental feasibility of the proposed changes to airspace and procedures in the greater Houston, Texas, metropolitan area. The optimization of that airspace involves a systematic, integrated, and expedited approach to implementing satellite navigation procedures. These satellite navigation procedures allow aircraft to fly precise flight tracks without regard for specific ground based navigational aids. The FAA is proposing the changes as part of its Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM) program. 

“The Houston Metroplex represents an excellent building block for broader-scale implementation of 'NextGen' at airports throughout the nation and we are grateful for the opportunity to support the FAA with this important initiative," said Vinnie Khera, Director of Advanced Programs at HMMH. "HMMH has made a considerable investment in supporting the FAA NextGen initiatives and our subject matter experts have been involved in virtually all aspects of NextGen planning. We are delighted the FAA has recognized our leadership in environmental and NextGen planning, as well as airspace analysis, and has invited us to be a part of the implementation of such a critical element of the NextGen system,” said Khera. 

FAA is proceeding with the Houston OAPM project under the program announced by the President’s memorandum, Speeding Infrastructure Development through More Efficient and Effective Permitting and Environmental Review, August 31, 2011. This project will have high level government attention, requiring HMMH to respond accordingly.

HMMH Presents at the TRB Annual Meeting

January 25, 2012: Burlington, MA

The Transportation Research Board (TRB)’s 91st Annual Meeting was held the week of January 22nd in Washington DC. Mary Ellen Eagan, HMMH President, had several roles at the Meeting, including:

  • Chair of AV030, Committee on Environmental Impacts of Aviation
  • Panelist, Workshop 167: Innovation Up in the Air: Meeting and Measuring NextGen Air Traffic Management Challenges
  • Moderator, Session 728: Future of Green Airport Facilities and Operations

Information on the Meeting can be found at: http://www.trb.org/AnnualMeeting2012/AnnualMeeting2012.aspx

Journal of the Transportation Research Board Published Two Papers by HMMH staff

January 25, 2012: Burlington, MA

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) recently published it’s Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2233. The Journal contains 21 papers on industry topics, including two by HMMH staff:

  • “Reflections from Highway Noise Barriers and Use of Absorptive Materials in the U.S.: Why Small Increases in Noise Levels may Deserve Serious Consideration,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2233, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2011, pp. 161-166 (Christopher Menge).
  • “Port Columbus, Ohio, International Airport Southwest Noise Berm-Wall Project: Comparison of General Prediction Method and ISO 9613-2 Computations,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2233, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2011, pp. 167-177 (Timothy Johnson).

The entire Journal can be dowloaded at http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/166402.aspx.