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News Archive 2013

Crystale Wozniak joins HMMH

December 2, 2013: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) is pleased to announce that Crystale Wozniak has joined our Burlington, MA office as Marketing Manager. Ms. Wozniak will support proposal efforts, public relations, business development, and strategic marketing across the firm.

Ms. Wozniak brings to HMMH over 16 years of experience marketing professional services in the A/E/C industry. Throughout her career she has supported marketing and business development efforts for several notable firms providing a wide range of services including transit/transportation, environmental engineering, land use/planning, architecture, and construction management.

Ms. Wozniak has been actively involved and has served in leadership roles for numerous professional organizations including Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), and New England Women in Real Estate (NEWiRE) and has also served on committees for charitable organizations such as Horizons for Homeless Children (www.horizonsforhomelesschildren.org) and the Sancta Maria House (www.sanctamariahouse.org).

Please join us in welcoming Crystale to HMMH!

HMMH shares Florida Airports Council 2013 Community Affairs Award with the City of Naples Airport Authority

November 6, 2013: Burlington, MA

HMMH has been proud to assist the City of Naples (Florida) Airport Authority since 1995 on a comprehensive range of noise analysis and compatibility assignments – several of which set national precedents. Most recently, HMMH has assisted the NAA and its Noise Compatibility Committee to maximize and communicate the effectiveness of FAA-approved noise abatement and compatible land use program elements. Promotion to airport users is a primary focus of this continuing effort, which also includes deployment of HMMH's InFlight™ software, to assist NAA staff in working with stakeholders to monitor, analyze, and adjust aircraft operations.

The Florida Airports Council (FAC) Noise Abatement and Community Affairs Committee recognized the success of these and related NAA efforts by awarding the 2013 Community Affairs Award to the NAA's Community Affairs and Public Information Program. The award, presented on November 6, 2013 at the 2013 FAC Specialty Conference, acknowledged project team members HMMH and Gravina, Smith, Matte & Arnold Public Affairs.

Florida Airports Council 2013 Community Affairs Award

The photo is of Herman Lawrence, Chair of the FAC Noise Abatement and Community Affairs Committee, presenting the 2013 FAC Community Affairs Award to Ron Jefferson of the City of Naples Airport Authority and Ted Baldwin of HMMH.

HMMH Founders' Award 2013

October 25, 2013: Burlington, MA

HMMH is pleased to present its award for excellence "In recognition of outstanding performance on a project that was uniquely challenging, technically innovative, and resulted in proven client satisfaction" to the project "On-Board Sound Intensity Measurements to Evaluate the Noise Reduction of Pavement Grinding, I-195, Providence RI." The Project Manager was J. Eric Cox, Principal in Charge was Christopher W. Menge, and the team included James E. Ferguson III, and Ryan Cranfill.

The award was presented at HMMH's annual meeting on October 25th.

The purpose of the project was to prove that adequate sound reduction of I-195 road noise had been achieved by diamond grinding of the concrete bridge deck, mainline roadway, and on/off/interchange ramp surfaces. Grinding operations were conducted to reduce noise generated by traffic traveling over transverse tining. The "OBSI" measurements had to be made on 19 ramps and roadway sections, in the wee morning hours when little other traffic was using the roadways.

More information on OBSI can be found on: http://www.hmmh.com/on-board-sound-intensity.html.

HMMH Kicks Off ACRP Project 01-24: Renewable Energy as an Airport Revenue Source

August 12, 2013: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) begins work on a new Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) research project to explore non-traditional revenue sources for airports that also meet state and federal renewable energy goals. The researchconducted under this ACRP project is intended to help airports understand the feasibility, opportunities, and challenges of renewable energy projects and their implementation for revenue generation.

The use of renewable energy as a revenue source is a complex issue, requiring an understanding of emerging technologies, financing mechanisms, regulatory frameworks, and operational factors. HMMH will prepare a guidebook, with an associated evaluation tool, to help airports identify and develop viable renewable energy opportunities for increasing net revenues. The guidebook will include:

  • Evaluation factors for renewable energy options, including: operational considerations, safety considerations, regulatory compliance requirements, environmental issues, capital and maintenance costs, funding sources, incentives, benefit/cost, and return on investment.
  • Guidance on key implementation steps, including: stakeholder coordination, contractor selection, contracting, project management, regulatory coordination and processes, and public outreach
  • Airport case studies including lessons learned

"Policies have been established to encourage renewable energy development and airports have used these financial incentives to provide revenue from airport property that could not otherwise be utilized for aeronautical purposes," said Steve Barrett, Director of Clean Energy. "This Guidebook will help airports learn from these successful projects and the evaluation tool will enable them to assess opportunities given their unique geographical location and operational characteristics.

Christopher Bajdek rejoins HMMH

July 8, 2013: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) is pleased to announce that Christopher Bajdek has joined our Burlington, MA office as a Principal Consultant. He will support HMMH's highway, industrial and commercial projects.

Mr. Bajdek has over 20 years of experience as a consultant in noise assessment and control, managing numerous noise studies for transportation, energy-generation, industrial, and community projects. His responsibilities encompass a wide variety of issues from baseline noise measurement programs and environmental documents through noise abatement design studies, compliance testing, and public involvement.

"I am very happy to have Chris working with HMMH again", said Chris Menge, Senior Vice President and Highway Services Division Leader. "Chris was an invaluable member of our team during the 1990's and 2000's. He brings back not only that experience, but broader environmental acoustics analysis experience in the energy-generation and industrial sectors that he's gained in recent years. We are excited to welcome him back. "

HMMH is pleased to announce the promotions of Eric Cox and Sean Doyle

June 28, 2013: Burlington, MA

Eric Cox has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Mr. Cox joined HMMH in 2007 and has participated in a wide variety of projects involving noise and vibration measurements, modeling, and analysis for airports; light, freight and commuter rail systems; and highways. In addition, he has supported sound insulation programs and noise studies for quarries, construction sites, firing ranges and wind turbines. He also specializes in On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) and wayside measurements of quiet and other pavements. He is currently managing the Louisville International Airport Residential Sound Insulation Program, for which HMMH will be conducting up to 11 weeks of acoustical testing beginning in June 2013.Mr. Cox previously held the position of Consultant at HMMH.

Sean Doyle has been promoted to Senior Scientist. Mr. Doyle joined HMMH in 2006 and primarily supports HMMH's Aviation Enviromental Services division. He has worked on a variety of projects including Part 150 and Part 161 studies, Environmental Impact Studies, and other studies related to State and local requirements. Mr. Doyle has been the HMMH technical lead for several studies ranging from general aviation airport runway extensions to airspace redesign projects. Mr. Doyle has also participated in many aspects of the National Environmental Policy Act process and is familiar with the inter-dependencies of the various technical analyses, such as noise, air quality and airspace, required for these projects. Having recently completed significant technical analysis for the Houston Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM) Environmental Assessment, he is currently leading the contour development for the Baltimore Washington International Airport Airport Noise Zone and Noise Exposure Map studies as well as organizing the technical noise analysis for the Federal Aviation Administration's Aircraft Noise and Annoyance Survey. Mr. Doyle previously held the position of Consultant at HMMH.

"It has been an extraordinary privilege to work closely with Sean and Eric on numerous airport noise analysis assignments. Our clients have benefited from their intelligence, technical abilities, and efficiency. While I have nominally been in the mentoring role, I must acknowledge that I have learned a great deal from them myself. I greatly look forward to working with them in their new positions at HMMH," said Ted Baldwin, Senior Vice President.

Please join us in congratulating these individuals in their accomplishments.

HMMH Collaborates with the University of Maastricht and Amsterdam Museum on Historic Soundscape Project

March 28, 2013: Burlington, MA

After five years of research on sounds that were significant in earlier eras in Amsterdam, the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, in collaboration with HMMH, opened an exhibit at the Amsterdam Museum demonstrating how the sounds of Amsterdam have changed over the years.  Using sounds researched by Professor Karin Bijsterveld, Annelies Jacobs, Alexandra Supper and recorded by Arnoud Traa, HMMH mixed, balanced, and conditioned the sounds so that they would be realistic if heard in Dam Square in Amsterdam.  The exhibit opened this week.

How did cities used to sound?  This is a question that many of us may have wondered about, but HMMH together with Professor Karin, her students, associates and staff of the Amsterdam Museum have provided an answer. 

The exhibit is presented with a touch-screen and headphones.  The headphones provide the realism of binaural recordings, as does HMMH’s Soundscape Builder™.  Visitors can choose the year (1895, 1935 or 2012) and the sounds they want to hear.  The 1895 and 1935 screens provide eleven possible sources and single ones or any combination may be selected; both English and Dutch versions are provided.

Visit the exhibit at: http://amsterdammuseum.nl/node/1089

Additional commentary on the exhibit is provided on HMMH’s blog.

US DOE Publishes Edgartown Tidal Energy Project Report

March 19, 2013: Burlington, MA

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.’s (HMMH's) technical report entitled "Environmental Effects of Sediment Transport Alteration and Impacts on Protected Species: Edgartown Tidal Energy Project."

The Town of Edgartown Massachusetts holds a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) providing it with exclusive rights to develop a tidal energy project in Muskeget Channel. Funded by a grant from the U.S. DOE Advanced Water Power Program, HMMH, on behalf of the Town, managed the comprehensive study of the marine environment in Muskeget Channel and assessed the potential impacts of the tidal project on indicator species and habitats. The research will guide siting and permitting for a 5 MW Pilot Project.  HMMH is also working under separate state funding with the New England Marine Renewable Energy Center at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth (UMASS-D) to deploy tidal energy demonstration projects and site a technology testing facility.

This report was prepared in association with the UMASS-D School for Marine Science, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies.

Read more about this project on our website at http://www.hmmh.com/muskeget-tidal-energy-ma.html.

With HMMH's Assistance, Solar Photovoltaic System at Newark Liberty International Airport Goes Live!

February 20, 2013: Burlington, MA

Federal Express' new solar photovoltaic system at Newark Liberty International Airport started producing electricity on February 12th, 2013. FedEx's contractor, Ray Angelini Inc., engaged HMMH to prepare a reflectivity study of the project to assess the potential effects of glare on sensitive airport receptors, including the air traffic control tower and arriving aircraft. HMMH utilized its in-house proprietary modeling tool to predict reflections based on project design and the path of the sun throughout the year. The model conducts millions of calculations of straight line reflection from the sun's position off the panels. It visually displays the appearance of the reflection and generates data to further analyze when and from which parts of the solar project the glare is occurring. The reflectivity study showed that the project would not impact the Control Tower or arriving pilots. Based on our analysis, the FAA issued an airspace approval of the project on November 20, 2012. The project has a capacity of 2.4 MW and will produce 15% of FedEx's electricity needs to three buildings it owns and operates.