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Project Experience: Noise and Vibration Consulting, Dallas, Texas

The Challenge

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has an ongoing need for noise and vibration consulting on all phases of their light rail transit system projects. 

The Strategy

HMMH has been providing services to DART since 1990. Initially, we were the noise and vibration consultant on the Principal Section Design Team for the Light Rail Starter System in Dallas, including the West Oak Cliff, South Oak Cliff, CBD, and North Central Lines. Our services at that time included:

  • Noise and vibration analysis for the FEIS
  • Noise and vibration control design recommendations for rail operations and facilities
  • Station architectural acoustics
  • Resolution of noise and vibration issues during construction

Since then, we have provided noise and vibration consulting services during the environmental assessment and final design phases of the LRT extensions along the Northeast Corridor to Garland and along the North Central Corridor to Plano. Our services on these projects included:

  • Baseline community noise monitoring
  • Ground-borne vibration propagation testing
  • Noise and vibration tests of the DART LRT vehicle
  • Noise and vibration predictions and assessment
  • Design of mitigation measures
  • Public meeting participation

Currently, HMMH is providing noise and vibration consulting services as part of the engineering design for two new DART LRT extensions, including the Southeast Corridor Line to Pleasant Grove and the Northwest Corridor Line to Carrollton.