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Project Experience: Nashville International Airport, Tennessee

The Challenge

HMMH provided the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority with a diverse range of noise-related assistance at Nashville International Airport, all of which relate to an ongoing FAA PBN procedure design process, with the goal of implementing RNAV SIDs and STARs in 2012.  These new procedures complemented existing PBN RNP arrival procedures.

The Strategy

HMMH’s primary PBN-related role at Nashville was to evaluate the procedures to ensure that they complement Nashville’s extremely successful mitigation measures, which have essentially eliminated any non-compatible land uses within DNL 65, and its noise abatement measures, which have led to a near cessation of noise complaints in all areas – inside and outside DNL 65.

The Solution

HMMH evaluated the initial design set of Terminal Area Route Generation, Evaluation, and Traffic Simulation (TARGETS) files, participated in FAA Design Conference calls with MNAA and discussed the results with MNAA and FAA in December 2011.  The results discussion focused on how the new designs affected mitigation areas and the current noise abatement measures.  HMMH attended a three day workshop in January 2012 with MNAA, FAA and other stakeholders, to redesign and finalize the procedures and to provide guidance with regard to the existing noise mitigation measures.  These final procedures were then incorporated into the future Noise Exposure Map (NEM) contours for Nashville as part of their Part 150 NEM Update.