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Project Experience: Port of Oakland, California

The Challenge

The Port of Oakland requested HMMH evaluate Southwest Airlines (SWA) proposed RNP approaches for Runway 11-29 at Oakland International Airport (OAK).  SWA was designing and implementing these types of procedures across the US as a way to reduce fuel burn, emissions and noise for the surrounding communities.

The Strategy

HMMH’s noise analysis included:

  • Analyzed and modeled 4th quarter (10/1/2009 – 12/31/2009) radar data
  • Produced average day CNEL contours for this period
  • Created model tracks for the proposed RNP routes
  • Identified the SWA arrivals within the radar data and assigned each to one of the three SWA-proposed RNP arrival procedures for each runway end: 9,602 SWA arrivals (~21% of total arrivals during 4th quarter)
  • Produced average day CNEL contours with SWA arrivals using the proposed RNP routes
  • Compared the two average day CNEL contour results
  • Conducted detailed grid point analysis to determine where small (less than significant) changes in CNEL are expected to occur (see graphic)”

The Solution

HMMH's analysis concluded that there would be no expected noise impacts according to FAA/NEPA criteria.  While the community may notice a higher concentration of flights under the precisely defined tracks and may notice a lower concentration of flights elsewhere, noise level changes will likely be less than noticeable.  There is no change expected to the Title 21 noise exposure contours.