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Project Experience: Philadelphia International Airport, Pennsylvania

The Challenge

The FAA issued its Record of Decision on the nation’s first airport streamlining project, an EIS for Philadelphia International Airport’s extension of Runway 17-35, in April 2005. The Decision came just 19 months after the project’s Notice to Proceed.

The Strategy

As a sub-consultant for all noise related work on the project, HMMH:

  • Conducted a two-week noise measurement program at 29 locations in three states
  • Analyzed and modeled 446,000 radar tracks to altitudes as high as 10,000 feet MSL within a 27-mile study area surrounding the airport
  • Measured and modeled a variety of supplemental metrics such as hourly noise levels and single event noise levels for individual aircraft overflights

The Solution

In addition to providing detailed analysis for the airport, HMMH helped mitigate the concerns of airport neighbors by clearly explaining how the changes would impact them, as well as noise-sensitive cultural resources, including numerous historic sites and two eagle nesting areas.

quote The Runway 17-35 project was streamlined under presidential executive order and completed in just 19 months. Despite the accelerated schedule, the quality of the work produced by HMMH was outstanding. quote —Sue MacDonald, Environmental Protection Specialist, FAA