> > > > > Pima Freeway Alternative Noise Mitigation Study, Arizona

Project Experience: Pima Freeway Alternative Noise Mitigation Study, Arizona

The Challenge

Assessing alternative noise-mitigation measures for neighborhoods adjacent to the Pima Freeway (SR 101) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Strategy

HMMH performed a literature review and assessment of different surfaces for the Pima Freeway—including their acoustical, social, environmental, cost, and safety considerations. We concluded that asphalt-rubber surfaces could perceptibly reduce traffic noise, but by themselves could not provide enough noise reduction for a significant benefit. 

In addition to asphalt-rubber surfaces, we also assessed:

  • Absorptive barrier surfaces
  • Land-use control
  • Traffic-management measures
  • Vegetative barriers
  • Property enhancements (sound-masking devices and home sound insulation). HMMH produced three instructional pamphlets on sound insulation, intended for homeowners.