Project Experience: Rock Quarry Noise Monitoring, Massachusetts

The Challenge

Aggregate Industries, a rock quarry operation in Swampscott, MA, needed a noise monitoring survey to comply with town permitting requirements.

The Strategy

HMMH conducted a survey over a one-week period at several locations in the vicinity of the quarry. Short-term noise measurements were also made in and around the quarry to investigate the various noise sources at the facility, including crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors and trucks.

The results were compared to previous test results and to Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s noise guidelines. These were presented to the town, which extended the quarry’s earth removal permit for another year.

The Solution

To minimize community annoyance from quarry noise, Aggregate Industries is replacing their truck back-up alarms with non-tonal type units and continuing to apply rubber linings to metal surfaces of screens and chutes that are impacted by rocks. After these noise control measures are implemented, HMMH will be conducting additional noise monitoring to evaluate their effectiveness.