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HMMH is an international leader in solving noise and vibration problems from all types of rail and transit systems. Our team of rail and transit experts has over 100 years of combined experience in dealing with these issues. We are active in all phases of rail projects, including:

  • System planning
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Community outreach
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Final design
  • Construction
  • Problem solving

HMMH is also the author of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transit guidance manual and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) High Speed Ground Transportation guidance manual for noise and vibration. 

HMMH also solves construction noise and vibration problems and specializes in mobile source air quality impacts. 

quote I wish to thank you and the members of your firm on behalf of the joint-venture’s management team, for the efforts you put forth to bring this award winning project to a successful completion…You are to be complimented and should take pride in the fact that this system we designed and built was one of the largest rail expansion projects in North America while it was being constructed.quote— Patrick Jolly, P.E., LAN/STV – A Joint Venture