Advanced Uses

Several features are available to enhance the capabilities of RealContours™.

  • Supplemental Metrics. The Day Night Average Sound Level (DNL) is a complex metric that is difficult to explain to lay audiences and has proven to be an obstacle to constructive discussion of aircraft noise issues. Supplemental metrics can be used to better explain these issues by using factors that are relevant to the audience, such as annoyance, speech disruption, sleep disturbance, and learning. RealContours can post-process the output calculations from INM into contours that represent these supplemental metrics.
  • Trend Analysis. RealContours keeps years of contour calculations available for analysis. And with its ability to generate monthly, quarterly, and annual contours, RealContours provides the capability to analyze and identify trends over long periods of time.
  • Special Queries. RealContours provides for detailed, custom noise contour generation. Multiple filtering operations allow flight selection by time-of-day, arrival/departure, runway, airline, and aircraft type.