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Project Experience: San Diego International Airport, California

The Challenge

The San Diego International Airport needed to conduct a Residential Sound Attenuation Program acoustical study. The area studied included homes that are potential contributors to the local historic district. It was critical to maintain these homes' historic appearance while achieving FAA sound insulation guidelines.

The Strategy

HMMH has been involved with the study since 1999. As part of the study, we performed acoustical testing, design and analysis of more than 60 homes. The analysis included factoring in the special mitigation treatment options of the historic homes, such as such as the use of wooden, acoustical windows and doors rather than standard replacement fixtures. This project also has a residential pilot study and full-program implementation of over 600 homes. The testing phases of this project are expected to continue through 2012.

The Solution

Sound insulation analysis by HMMH led to effective treatments for these homes to meet both the unique design specifications and optimal sound mitigation options.