> > > > > San Francisco International Airport, California (Replacement System)

Project Experience: San Francisco International Airport, California (Replacement System)

The Challenge

In the 1980s, the San Francisco Airport Commission initiated the installation of a permanent noise and operations monitoring system. Over the succeeding two decades, the system grew into a comprehensive Aircraft Noise Management System (ANMS). To maintain optimum performance of the system, the airport needed ongoing support.

The Strategy

HMMH delivered this support by:

  • Increasing the accuracy of all monitoring functions
  • Expanding monitoring capabilities to address evolving community and airport interests
  • Providing uninterrupted monitoring during the replacement process
  • Reducing day-to-day staff workload to free staff up for “high-value” tasks
  • Simplifying on-going support arrangements
  • Ensuring the future upgradeability of the replacement system
  • Providing a high level of public access to appropriate system reports through the Internet

In addition, we offered a broad range of noise consulting assistance, including:

  • Noise Office staffing and training
  • Low-frequency noise measurements and analysis
  • Part 161 use restriction analysis (leading to successful voluntary compliance with an extended nighttime use restriction)
  • Evaluation of the SFO remote noise monitoring sites for aircraft noise event detection
  • Analyzing aircraft and community noise levels in sixty-seven Bay Area communities
  • Determining the sound insulation characteristics of existing portable classrooms

The Solution

HMMH is helping to ensure that the replacement system will allow the airport to maintain its nationally recognized leadership in aircraft noise monitoring, analysis, abatement, and reporting.