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Project Experience: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington

The Challenge

The Port of Seattle commissioned a study following the completion of a 14 CFR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update, which determined that a Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) may reduce noise impact. During the Part 150 Study, however, no obvious location for the facility was found, and questions of the GRE’s effectiveness in the unique atmospheric conditions of the Pacific Northwest were left unanswered.

The Strategy

HMMH conducted a GRE siting/feasibility study at SEA to determine:

  • The exact location and orientation of a proposed GRE
  • The percentage of use anticipated by individual aircraft types
  • The impacts of the atmospheric conditions of the Pacific Northwest on the noise reduction to be gained from a GRE

The Solution:

The project’s scope of work included:

  • An inventory of existing run-up activity
  • Noise measurements in community and reference locations near the aircraft
  • Noise modeling to establish baseline conditions
  • Acoustical evaluations and operational analysis of candidate GRE sites

These efforts enabled the Port of Seattle to make the decision that best served both the airport and the community at large.