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Project Experience: Shenandoah Speedway Racetrack, Virginia

The Challenge

Page County desired a balanced, neutral noise evaluation of a proposed racetrack facility in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The study needed to address the concerns of nearby citizens and the economic interests of the town and the track owner. 

The Strategy

HMMH conducted a noise analysis study for the facility. Since no noise or zoning regulations were applicable, our analysis compared the noise from the racetrack to surveys of normal community reaction to comparable noise.

Modeling with SoundPLAN® allowed us to present results that could be easily understood by the public and county officials. We recommended reasonable noise abatement measures to the track owner that would significantly reduce noise in the community while allowing increased racing activity.

HMMH assisted the County by specifying and supplying a noise monitoring system, and provided training in its use.

quote HMMH did a first-rate job. The results of the study were exactly what we were looking for to help strike a balance between the rights of residents and the need for a local business to thrive and foster the area’s tourism industry. HMMH would be my first call when faced with a similar problem in the future. quote —Mark Belton, Page County Administrator


Community reaction contour map

Racetrack noise and community reaction contour map generated by SoundPLAN®

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