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Soundscape Builder

Soundscape Builder™

Soundscape Builder™ is a matrix format designed by HMMH to permit users to create, listen to and compare different soundscapes. The basic Soundscape Builder demonstrates how different sounds can be combined to produce realistic soundscapes. It encompasses a variety of man-made and environmental noise sources and configures how different sounds interact with each other and impact noise levels.

Transit Soundscape Builder

The Transit Soundscape Builder lets you hear how different modes of transit affect the noise environment.

Aviation Soundscape Builder

The Aviation Soundscape Builder allows you to hear background sounds recorded in your own neighborhood, how different window conditions might affect aircraft overflight noise and how sound insulation might provide additional reduction of the noise. This Soundscape Builder can help homeowners decide whether or not they want their homes to be sound insulated. For a demonstration please contact HMMH, at info@hmmh.com or 781.229.0707.

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