> > > > > Multiple Studies for Houston METRO, Texas

Project Experience: Multiple Studies for Houston METRO, Texas

The Challenge

Houston METRO has an ongoing need for noise and vibration studies for their transit system.

The Strategy

HMMH has provided consulting services for Houston METRO since 1983. We have worked on all phases of the transit system including:

  • The proposed Stage I rapid transit system, continuing with the development of the Regional Transportation Plan
  • Priority corridor study
  • Monorail system
  • Bus system
  • Transit center
  • Operations facilities
  • Astrodome to Downtown Light Rail Transit Project

HMMH’s most recent projects for METRO were:

  • Bus Baseline Study. HMMH performed an extensive noise measurement program of the existing bus fleet in normal operating modes in addition to noise at fixed facilities. A detailed set of noise levels for bus operations were developed as a result of the measurements.
  • METRO Mobility 2025 project. HMMH conducted noise and vibration screening analyses for the Uptown West Loop, Southeast, and North Hardy corridors.    After preferred alternatives were chosen, we conducted detailed noise and vibration analyses for two of the corridors as a part of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
  • University Corridor Project. HMMH conducted measurements, projected future conditions, and assessed potential impacts of the LRT and BRT alternatives.