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Project Experience: T.F. Green State Airport, Rhode Island

The Challenge

Rhode Island Airport Corporation conducted a Master Plan Update in 2001, and began an EIS in 2002, which addressed short-term runway length needs. However, because an environmental evaluation of a major extension of Runway 5-23 was not part of the 2002 EIS scope, the FAA conducted additional scoping. This was necessary because the extension of the runway and other proposed projects have the potential for negative environmental impacts, including aircraft noise, community disruption, and loss of wetlands.

The Strategy

The Master Plan was revised to include a runway extension up to 9,500 feet; the EIS was postponed in 2003 and restarted in 2005. HMMH is preparing noise analysis for the EIS, which evaluated proposed improvement projects such as:

  • Runway 5-23 extension up to 9,500 feet
  • Runway 16-34 reconstruction and safety end improvements
  • Terminal/concourse expansion
  • Cargo facility relocation
  • Terminal roadway improvements

This project is on-going.

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T.F. Green 2004 Radar Flight track Density South Flow