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Project Experience: Thruway-wide Prioritization Study, New York

The Challenge

The New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) needed a Thruway-wide noise barrier prioritization study.

The Strategy

As part of a team, working under a statewide noise barrier design term agreement, HMMH participated in a Thruway-wide prioritization study. Nearly 200 assessment areas were screened for eligibility; of that group, 54 assessment areas qualified for preliminary noise barrier design and prioritization. Most of the assessment areas were located in urban, downstate areas and included complex geometries involving cut sections, retaining walls, interchanges, and multiple roadways.

The study included:

  • 24-hour and repeated short-term noise measurements
  • Traffic noise predictions using the FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM)
  • Noise barrier design using TNM

All noise barrier designs were “prioritized,” or ranked, using a prioritization formula developed by HMMH during previous work for NYSTA. In addition to developing the prioritization methodology, HMMH developed the measurement program and noise modeling protocols and participated in all aspects of the study including noise measurements, modeling, and reporting.