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Project Experience: Tucson Airport Authority, Arizona

The Challenge

Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) is proposing to develop a solar PV project to cover an existing surface parking area adjacent to the terminal. It plans to cover the entire 11 acre parking area which would produce approximately 2.5 MW of electricity. The airport has prepared a grant proposal under the FAA's Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program which would fund construction of about 1 MW.

The Strategy

HMMH's reflectivity study evaluates the potential for glare to impact the existing air traffic control tower (ATCT) location and the future ATCT location as well as aircraft arriving at existing runways 11L-29R, 11R-29L and 3-21 and the proposed future relocation of 11R-29L. The assessment included both a comparison to geometric principles and application of enhanced computer modeling.

The Solution

HMMH utilized its in-house proprietary Java-based modeling tool SoGlare™ to predict reflections based on project design and the path of the sun throughout the year at the runways and at the existing and proposed ATCT location. The reflectivity study has been used by the project team to enhance the project design and eliminate solar glare at sensitive locations. It was also submitted to the FAA as part of its Form 7460 Airspace Review of the project.

quoteThe HMMH Team, led by Phil DeVita and Steve Barrett, were excellent to work with; they listened to our concerns, they took the time to make sure our project stakeholders understood the key issues and most importantly, they delivered on their commitment to the project's success.quote— Jordan D. Feld, CM, AICP
     Director of Planning, Tucson Airport Authority