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Project Experience: Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma

The Challenge

The Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (TAIT) is implementing a Noise Mitigation Program at Tulsa International Airport (TUL) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. HMMH, as the acoustical consultant, is providing acoustical design and testing services. The purpose of the testing services is to show that the Program is meeting their acoustic goals, which are an interior DNL of 45 dB or less and at least a 5 dB improvement in noise level reduction (NLR).

The Strategy

The steps undertaken by HMMH in this Program were:

  • Initial interior and exterior inspections of the structures and rooms
  • Pre-construction acoustic measurements
  • Architectural acoustics modeling of the structures
  • Program recommendations for acoustic modifications
  • Post-construction acoustic measurements
  • Report the results and compare to the Program goals

Our acoustical treatment recommendations resulted in a substantial cost savings to the TAIT by eliminating the previous Program requirement to add an extra layer of wall board to the exterior walls and ceilings. This also resulted in the homeowners being able to stay in the home during construction saving the intrusiveness of having to pack up, move out, and move back in after construction.