> > > > > UCSF Noise Assessment for Helipad, California

Project Experience: UCSF Noise Assessment for Helipad, California

The Challenge

An environmental noise assessment program was needed to determine the effects of placing a rooftop helipad for helicopter transport of patients at the University of California  San Francisco Hospital Campus.

The Strategy

HMMH evaluated potential effects on the surrounding community due to helicopter operations.  HMMH’s study included a noise measurement program to (1) determine overall sound levels without helicopter operations and (2) obtain single-event sound levels for helicopters and other events.  HMMH also performed noise modeling designed to determine the cumulative noise effects of the helicopter operations. 

The Solution

The study determined that noise from the expected helicopter operations at the proposed helipad is compatible with the existing land use in the surrounding communities.


quote Thank-you. I just want to say that you both have been so helpful and responsive throughout this process.quote

Barbara Bagot-Lopez, UCSF