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Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

The Challenge

Vancouver Airport Authority needed to evaluate current engine run-up procedures at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) focusing on four primary locations for existing and future run-ups outside of the Ground Run-up Enclosure.

The Strategy

HMMH collected information on current run-ups at YVR from the current run-ups procedures document and run-up logs maintained by the Authority. Using these as well as noise modeling input including terrain, buildings, and detailed aircraft spectra and directivity, HMMH evaluated the effectiveness of current run-up procedures in reducing community noise exposure.

The Solution

The results of this analysis indicated that the Authority’s current run-up procedures effectively limit run-up noise. Several additional potential remedies were identified to address possible unforeseen increases in run-up activity or changes to the fleet of aircraft conducting run-ups.  HMMH evaluated these remedies, including changes to run-up locations, the construction of noise barriers, and the extension of night-time run-up restrictions into the evening hours, for their potential downsides as well as for their effectiveness in reducing noise.