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Virtual Soundscapes

Virtual Soundscapes™ gives listeners a realistic sense of how a planned facility or project will sound. HMMH has developed recording and playback technology so that listeners can hear what a proposed project will sound like. Using binaural (stereo in-ear microphone) recordings, acoustic models and specialized sound mixing software, Virtual Soundscapes creates realistic synthesized stereo recordings.

These recordings may be presented at meetings, installed on a touch-screen kiosk or computer, posted on a web site, or distributed on CD’s. Virtual Soundscapes can also be presented as interactive demonstrations allowing decision-makers and community members to hear and modify future sound environments.

quoteThe homeowners now listen to Soundscapes at every homeowner meeting and love itquote— Sjohnna Knack, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Use headphones to hear the full effect of this technique.

Recordings are copyrights of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. The content cannot be copied or reproduced without written permission from HMMH. 

Virtual Soundscapes Applications

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