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Project Experience: Whole Foods Wind, Massachusetts

The Challenge

Whole Foods Market's seafood processing facility, located in the downtown harbor area of Gloucester, MA, needed a noise evaluation of a proposed 660 kW wind turbine.

The Solution

HMMH conducted short- and long-term monitoring of existing noise levels in the residential areas nearest the proposed turbine site to characterize the ambient background noise levels in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) guidelines.

Using the SoundPLAN® noise model, HMMH determined the expected noise levels from the wind turbine during operation and evaluated them throughout the surrounding community with respect to both the Mass. DEP guidelines and the provisions of the City of Gloucester noise ordinance.

quote HMMH responded quickly and produced a first-rate noise study for our client. They applied their expertise in modeling and their knowledge of local and state noise rules to prepare a study of the potential impacts of a utility scale wind turbine that clearly addressed the regulatory standards.  We appreciated their flexibility and professionalism. quote — Steven Weisman