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Project Experience: West Gloucester Wind, Massachusetts

The Challenge

Carrigan Development owns 40 acres of land in West Gloucester Massachusetts. With real estate market activity slowing, Carrigan sought to assess an alternative development strategy for the property. Given the site’s relatively high elevation in a coastal location, wind maps suggested that the property might be suitable for the development of a wind energy project.

The Strategy

HMMH worked with Carrigan to prepare a successful grant application with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to fund a wind feasibility study. HMMH worked with a project team to assess the wind resources, environmental issues and regulations, electrical infrastructure, equipment delivery, and construction requirements to assess the technical and economic feasibility of developing a wind project. Based on available land and necessary set-backs from property lines, HMMH recommended assessing a three turbine array comprised of 1.5 to 3.0 MW turbines. The team also calculated the expected project costs and revenue generation to determine the financial feasibility of the project.

The Solution

The feasibility study determined that a three turbine wind project was feasible given existing state and municipal permitting requirements. Carrigan is considering erecting a meteorological tower on the site to confirm on-site wind resources. Once it completes that task, Carrigan will consider securing funding public and private funding to develop the project.